Monday, 4 January 2010

Money, Money, Money

So, It's January 4th. I am 4 days into No Shopping January. Let's call it NSJ. This was something that I did last year in an attempt to get my credit card bill down after Christmas spending. I'm pretty much a shopaholic, I find it hard not to walk into a shop with a magic red banner screaming 'SALE'. Even if I restrict myself to only the £10 in my wallet, I am usually able to stretch it to find many many things that I probably don't need. To be honest, every space in the flat is bursting with Stuff. I really don't need any more. Except boots. I always need those.

Last year, I spent most of January familiarising myself with the game World Of Warcraft. I found it used up huge amounts of time, was quite good fun and most importantly kept me away from the shops. NSJ was a great success, and so this year I am repeating it.

The rules of NSJ are as follows. I can spend any money or vouchers given to me by other people, for Christmas etc. I can buy food and drink, either from a supermarket, or eating out (I have to have some kind of enjoyment). I cannot buy clothes, books, games, CDs, DVDs, gadgets, etc etc, you get the picture. Browsing is allowed. Buying presents for other people is allowed.

We are at January 4th. On January 3rd, in order to just mess with my head I think, I went to Oxford Street. I went in shops. I looked at stuff. I was happily relieved that anything I thought I might want, I was able to think to myself 'you can't buy it', and if I still really really want it when February comes along, I'll probably get it then. But it's nice to stop and think; I'm sure my small but bursting wardrobe will be glad of it.

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