Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year, New Things

So, Happy New Year. It's 2010. And I have a blog. Whoop Whoop!! Being as I've become a bit more into the social networking malarky, after saying I thought Twitter was a waste of time and then finding out it was actually quite good really, I figured it was time to try out blogging. I may well be rubbish at it. I've never kept a diary because I'd be mortified if anyone read it. I'm quite a private person, so what on earth am I doing? I really don't have any idea. So, we'll see how it goes, shall we?

Lots of people have been talking about where they were and what they were doing a decade ago... 2010 is a new decade afterall. So far I've heard it called the tennies and the teenies, neither of which really appeals to me. But then neither did the naughties. I think I'm more for taking it one year at a time. But then 10 years ago just about all I can remember was that I'd finished uni, just started my first job and I spent Millennium eve in Sheffield town centre with my family. I had dark red hair, a plastic bottle of beer in my hand and I was wearing some silly headband with antennae and about 5 jumpers. We listened to the Mayor talking from a balcony in the town just before midnight and completely destroying the atmosphere that had been building up for the previous 4 hours. There's a photo of my sister and I grinning like silly fools. But apart from that, Millennium eve is all a bit of a blur really. This New Year I also spent with family, cosy warm in Mum and Dad's house, nice and relaxed in a comfy chair with a cup of tea. We watched Michael McIntyre and laughed a lot. It was just as enjoyable. And no hangover the next day. I think maybe I'm getting old.

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