Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Warning: rant.

I'm going to have a rant.

Today at work, I got a lovely and unexpected gift of flowers from my other half who is spending 2 weeks in the US. They came in a lovely bag, with pretty pink tissue paper. I decided to bring them home, and left the office early to avoid the mega-crush on the central line.

I was lucky, I managed to get a seat, the tube was not that busy. I sat down, handbag on knee, flowers between my skinny legs and tucked back as far as they would go.

At the next stop a woman got on. Despite there being ample space where the doors where, she chose to come and stand OVER my flowers. I spent the journey home giving her legs the death stare, biting my lip and grinding my teeth whenever those legs in their annoying black tights dared to brush against MY pink tissue paper. Why, with all that space, would someone want to come and stand directly over something they could crush as the tube lurched about. Jealousy, I'll bet.

Anyway, my flowers survived the journey (see below) and I learnt that I really don't like people in my space or in my face.

Rant Over.

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