Saturday, 12 June 2010

Brum and Bang

Yesterday I went over to Canary Wharf after work to meet a friend and found that they had the motor expo on. As if Canary Wharf isn't shiny enough, there was even more shine as everyone tried to sell their super polished motors. The minis were very cute, white soft-top was adorable, but really I don't like the wibbly window on the back (I don't drive anyways, so it's not like it would actually matter to me). The purple Bentley was big and meaty...The James Bond car (no, I have no idea what type of car it is, I'm not even going to pretend I do) was my fave I think. Here's a picture:

Today, I spent the morning playing the drums on Green Day Rock Band. This was going to be quite interesting for me as I've got the kit for Band Hero, which is more closely aligned to Guitar Hero, so the first cymbal on the BH drum kit is the same as the second drum in the RB kit and this takes a little getting used to.

It looks like there's tons of stuff on the disc, including a whole heap of drumming tutorials which is great for a beginner. I played on easy, which I found had trickier combos than Band Hero does - you get thrown straight in playing more than one pad at a time - but thankfully it doesn't fail you if you play a few notes in a row badly, you at least get a chance to recover. I particularly enjoyed playing Warning and Minority at beginner level, as they weren't too tricky and made me feel like I was getting some aggression out!

If you're a big Green Day fan, it's perfect and great fun. I find it easy to pick up for 30 minutes and then leave for a while.

Here's the site, check it out:

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