Wednesday, 18 August 2010

VNA 12 launch

At some point last year, I decided that I liked graffiti art. It might have been during my many treks down the south bank during my lunch hour, watching the artwork changing on a weekly basis where the kids hang around on their skateboards; I think it was definitely before I went to see the Green Day art project. Anyway, the Green Day show opened up to me a whole new world of artists.

Because of that and because I pinged around a bit on twitter taking a closer look at some of them, I found VNA (Very Nearly Almost). This is a really good quality, quarterly magazine which has interviews and photos of some of the best graffiti artwork around. Not only that but as I found out last week, they throw a cracking issue launch party. I bought my first issue, and really enjoyed it. I'm a girl who likes to look at the pictures, but it's very cool to also read the interviews and find out how the artists got to where they are now. I shall be a regular reader from here on in.

It's 100 pages of deliciousness. Grab a copy here.

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