Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm a tad late with this, but we're now firmly into 2011.

I was supposed to be being made redundant on Monday, but that has now been pushed back until the middle of the year, which is great news for me. I felt pretty happy about that, even thought I had been looking forward to some time to myself, I was also pretty glad to get back into the office and a routine after the Christmas break.

2010 was pretty good for me all in all, I did well with the cross stitch, not quite as well as I'd have liked, but still I stayed focused on it all year and didn't do too badly. I saw some really amazing gigs - I saw 4 of my top 5 bands more than once during the year, which I thought was pretty good going, and a whole heaps of others as well. I kept the blog going, built up my network on Twitter and just caught up on a lot of stuff that I needed to.

I hope that 2011 will be even better. Again, I intend to finish 4 cross stitch designs, see a lot of live music, keep up with my blogs and be more active on a couple of things I really like the sound of - It Starts With Us, Lovedrop and Lovebomb. I'll be leaving my job in the middle of the year, so I hope to be doing something new and interesting by September - I have a few ideas for that in mind but more on those later in the year.

Oh and I'm also getting married to the much hen-pecked and nagged Rob! 2011 is going to be pretty packed, but a lot of fun I hope.

I hope your 2011 is wonderful.

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