Sunday, 16 January 2011

Projecty Goodness

I've realised that I very much enjoy being part of little projects with like minded people. I've noticed more and more of these types of things cropping up online; whether it was just me not noticing, or that there are more people doing it now I'll never know.
But anyway, here are some of my favourite things to be involved in at the moment.

1. Pledge Music. You hand over money for some exclusive items by particular artists, you get little video or textual updates throughout the course of the project. It means that they don't have to go through a record company and you get something interesting, but one of the things I like is that you feel involved throughout the process. I'll be getting some lovely Madina Lake signed goodies. On top of that, a portion of funds raised is sent to charity. How fab!

2. Kickstarter. A much more all encompassing site where you can fund/get funding for a project. They do music, but also business startups, and all sorts of other things - you name it, it's on there. Each project sets a date by when to receive funding. When the date rolls around, if the target is reached, the project is funded and you get whatever you signed up and paid for, and if not then that's the end of it and you aren't charged any money. Again, you get updates through the life of the project, which is nice :o) I signed up for the TikTok/LunaTik projects which look like one of the most successful projects on the site, and it's exciting to follow the progress.

3. Lovedrop. This started only this month, but I love the idea. Not a registered charity, but a bunch of people looking to help one person each month. Lots of people give a little money, and that can make a huge difference. The team are motivated and focussed, they are easy to like, and having watched their progress for a few months now, I have every faith that this project is going to be really successful. The main thing I like about it is that you see where the money is going, who it is helping and it doesn't just disappear into a big pot. Seeing where my money goes and how it can change someone's life is something I really like, but more than that, there's a whole forum where people can discuss other ways to help, so the project really can go a long way if everyone chips in time and ideas as well.

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