Sunday, 17 April 2011

What next?

Well, after all the excitement of the wedding and our fantastic honeymoon in Australia, where we visited Perth, Uluru, Melbourne and Sydney, I had to do something to perk myself up when I got home again.

So I walked into the hairdressers and asked them to cut off the hair I'd been growing for well over a year and to dye it red. A change is good, right?!

The downside is that I'm now slightly more limited with my colour choices... not so sure that bright pink lippy works, or half the stuff in my wardrobe... so black it is until I have time to figure it all out! It looks totally cute in a ponytail too. I feel lucky that I can mess around with it so much!


  1. I was going to go purple myself, until I realized that it would limit my wardrobe as well... So I just shaved it off and tattooed a snake on my head. Snakes go with heels or flats right? ;p

  2. Hahaha, oh yes, absolutely ;)


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