Monday, 23 May 2011


Well, last week was my birthday. Hubby didn't quite know what to get me so I gave him a list.

And he's so lovely that he bought me tons of stuff, including some amazing stitching books from Sublime Stitching. Although I've always done cross stitch, I've never done any other kind of embroidery stitching, so I thought it would be something nice to have a go at, increase my skills, that kind of thing.

...Except that these books contain templates. Hundreds and hundreds of them, ready to be ironed onto things and stitched. They are all re-usable! I may never have any free time ever again with the amount of stitching projects now in my house.

It's great to have stash. I just hope I can get some good use out of it... but I'm pretty determined, so I think so. I'll post whatever I make up here on my blog.

And here's a little picture of what I got from hubby... it's a stitcher's dream!

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