Friday, 12 August 2011

Tiger Finish

Hooray! It's finally complete!

I was a little worried I'd be sick of him by the time I'd finished with the stitching, but last weekend I put the whiskers onto him and that was the end of that! Just need to get him framed and find a place on the wall. And I'm pleased to say that it looks much better in real life, although the photo is still quite impressive knowing that I finished that all myself, I think it worked out at about 30,000 stitches in the end.

To be fair, it's taken about 10 months I think, but with such a lot going on over the last year planning the wedding etc and then being away, it was never going to be completed by the end of last year, I think I was being a little optimistic!

So, onto the next one... which is actually a restart. I'd put about the first 100 stitches onto Beyond the Garden Gate and then put it in a box. I found it as I was going through my stash so thought I'd better pick it up and finish it off before I start on anything else. I'm presently managing to stitch for a few hours most days which is great and I'm not sick of it yet. I've also sorted some of my leftover threads out and had a general tidyup. Go Me!


I love reading all your comments, they give me lots of motivation to keep posting. Thank you for reading my little blog :)