Tuesday, 22 November 2011

And on Saturday...

On Saturday, I woke up craving a cup of tea.  Guess what.  Our fancy hotel must have been too fancy to have facilities to make yourself a cuppa.  I'm assuming this isn't typical of America, I mean I know they love coffee over there, but really, I've never stayed in a hotel where you couldn't make yourself a hot drink in the morning.

After a good grumble at my still half asleep husband, I got up and got ready to get out and about.  We decided to head in the opposite direction to Friday and towards Central Park.  Lucky for us, our hotel was lovely and central.  

We had brunch on the edge of the park in Sarabeth's.  I decided to go with the unusual (for me that is) and ditched my usual cooked breakfast to try the buttermilk pancakes with strawberries.  They were pretty delicious, but I still don't think I could eat that much sugar for breakfast every weekend.  

Our next stop was to the toyshop FAO Schwarz, mainly to see the piano that they used in the film 'Big' but we had such a fun time looking at all the toys and trying to stop ourselves splashing out on the kiddies we love.  If you want to have a go on the piano you can, or stick around for the shows twice an hour with the professionals.

Afterwards, we took a long stroll in Central Park, which was really busy.  We walked up and around the lake, looking back onto the city, which was a lovely view, especially given the clear blue skies.  Although it was busy in the park, it never felt uncomfortably crowded and the general atmosphere was one of people just hanging out with their families or friends.

As it grew dark, we headed towards Hell's Kitchen to see if we could find somewhere to eat.  We walked past a great looking restaurant called 9, did a quick check on Opentable to see what the reviews were like and decided to give it a go.  We were pretty early so it wasn't too loud, but by the time we left the place was pretty full.  I had the Tuna Tartare to start and the Organic Chicken as a main course, and I have to say that both were fantastic.  The chicken was the juciest I ever remember having eaten.  Although I was pretty full, we decided to share some mini ice creams for desert.  It was followed by a slow and podgy walk back to the hotel and a very good nights sleep.

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