Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Last Friday...

With Rob being at work for most of the day, it was up to me to brave it on my own round New York.  Armed with a map, and a few instructions for where the best shopping was, I grabbed a quick Starbucks and headed off in the direction of Broadway.  I think it felt good that most people were on their way to work, which meant that when I got to Macy's there weren't too many people about.

It was all decorated for Christmas, and in the windows and inside it looked beautiful.  I didn't realise while I waited for the doors to open, but there were 9 floors.  After a couple of hours of browsing and treating myself to a jumper, I decided that I'd better leave or else I wouldn't see anything else of the city for the whole day.  As I left the store, I saw the lit up word 'Believe' on the side of the building and looking at the street name I finally twigged that I was seeing something of the film 'Miracle on 34th Street' which is still one of my favourite Christmas films.  What a doofus not to spot the connection before.

Plenty of browsing throughout the day, I made my way down Broadway and 5th Avenue all the way until I got to the site of the World Trade Centre.  It was a hive of activity to see the new buildings going up... they are already pretty tall.

Just as the sun was going down, Rob finished for the day and caught up with me and we headed over to the Hudson River.  It was a lovely evening with a view towards the Statue of Liberty in one direction and the Empire State Building in the other, glowing in the evening sun.

We finished off the day with a mexican meal in Dos Caminos in Soho, and a bowl of Guacamole about the size of my head.  The food was tasty and filling.  We walked back to the hotel, past the Empire State Building, all lit up for the evening.  It was a very relaxing day, but my feet were so so sore!  Still, the exercise is good for me, right?

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