Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New York roundup

Overall, I had a great weekend in New York.  The shopping was every bit as good as I had been told, and I think I fell in love with Macy's, especially decked out in all its Christmas baubles and lighting.

I felt safer than I expected to, I think the thing is that everywhere in Manhattan is so busy that you don't really feel like you're walking in a strange location on your own.  I felt quite at home pretty much straight away.  Even Times Square which I thought I would find overwhelming with its lights and people was actually ok.  A bit like Leicester Square I guess, I wouldn't choose to go there but as a tourist, its something you just go and see.

The water made my skin feel great! One thing I hate about London is the horrible hard water.  But by the time I left I felt like all my dry skin had cleared up and my spots had gone and I felt glowy!

But onto the negative... the pricing.  The tax gets added on top of the price on the ticket.  It caught me out a few times and I don't really understand the reasoning for not putting the full price on the ticket.  I guess it makes the item sound cheaper, but I found this really frustrating every time I spent money on something.

I did like the city a lot, I felt like I could happily live there, and there were lots of nice little places to eat and the park was really great to walk around.  Next time I'd like to do a boat trip I think, because I felt like we didn't have time to fit that in really.  But I'd recommend visiting when it is all done up for Christmas, it is brilliant for presents which are different to here in the UK, and I'd say 4-5 days there would be perfect to do a good amount of touristy stuff.  I felt a bit like we had to cram everything in with just 3 days and could have done with pacing myself a bit better with the walking.

But we were really lucky with 3 days of beautiful sunshine and I had a great time.  And now my first trip to the US is done, who knows where will be next?!

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