Wednesday, 16 November 2011


In the past, I have dabbled with watching reality TV.  When Pop Idol first started in the UK, I watched it periodically, to catchup with who was good and who I really wasn't bothered about.  Back then, I was very much a fan of pop idol.  Now we have The X Factor.  I don't think I've watched a single series.  For a start, I cannot bear to cringe my way through the audition process.  Secondly, I don't think there's anything new or exciting, from the snippets I've seen when I've visited friends who are avid watchers, and when my family visit and beg to watch it - it all seems like pop.  For a girl who has found her way to Punk/alt music, I can say that this reality show holds no interest for me, I don't care who the judges are, and I find that I have no buy in to any of the acts.  How about a Punk Idol? (jk, I know it wouldn't work before the watershed)

I'm a Celebrity just makes me want to vomit, because I just find all those bushtucker trials disgusting.  Some people might get pleasure out of watching celebs make themselves ill or eat things I never would, but really, not for me.

Big Brother. Ahhh. I'll admit, I have watched certain series of this.  I watched the first couple when it was new and interesting and when Nasty Nick's behaviour was shocking and it wasn't clear what would happen in the house.  It was a bit more of a social experiment and that made it interesting and the people seemed like they might have been quite normal people that you might have known.  These days, it seems to be the most outrageous people who will all cause trouble or have a 'thing' about them.  This promotes lots of arguing and sniping, backstabbing and shouting out in the open.  Some people like this, I prefer a quiet life.

I wasn't really interested in Strictly Come Dancing.  I was quite irritated when Arlene left, since she is one of the best known choreographers in the UK, she knows her stuff and she was honest with her opinions.  However, let's let that one go, it's in the past. This year -  I. Am. Hooked.  Between the UK version and the US one which films on Monday nights and airs a week later here in the UK, I am stunned by the quality of the participants this year.  I only really set them to record because I thought it would be fun to watch certain people (Jason, Harry, Holly - UK and Ricki, Carson - US).  It's been interesting because those I thought wouldn't do so well have had weeks of brilliance, and those I thought it would come naturally to have struggled.  But I have enjoyed every single show, it brightens up my week and I plan to stick with it.

Having said that, with all the scheduling of reality tv (there seems to be a new one popping up every week), I suppose I feel that these shows are being made in place of other, traditional TV, which is a real shame.  Perhaps with the surprise popularity of Downton Abbey, the UK is ready for a little less reality and a lot more of an escape with a bit of well scripted and performed drama.

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