Tuesday, 22 November 2011

...Then on Sunday

Since we had seen a lot of NY from the ground, we thought it'd be great to see it from above.  

An early start meant that we got to the Empire State Building before too many queues had formed, and the 1 hour wait that was mentioned to us was much more like 10 minutes.  Since Rob had been to the Observation deck but not all the way up to the top floor, 102 floors up, we decided to do that.  It seemed like not too many people had taken that option.  It was a little expensive, but we figured that we probably won't do it again.


We had a great view over the whole city, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Also seeing the exhibition about how the building had been built and how little time it took for something so massive, we were pretty amazed, especially looking at the photos of the men with almost no safety equipment holding them up and imagining what it must have been like.  After we'd been there for an hour or so it was starting to get really busy, so we left through the obligatory gift shop.

The building itself is lit up in the evening, often for a particular reason with particular colours.  The full schedule is on the website.  As we left, many people were stopping to take a photo with the beautiful Christmas trees and of the stunning architecture, so here's mine :)

After this we decided it was time for brunch, and this time I was after some eggs.  After a quick search on foursquare for brunch in the area, we walked over to Penelope.  Unfortunately, I think most of the city had had the same idea, since the wait was well over an hour.  After finally getting seated, we had a cracking brunch - I had the Sam I Am, which was something different to what I'm used to, with Asparagus and Feta cheese!

A little more shopping in the afternoon followed by a quick change in and we pottered along to Times Square, all lit up and busy.  Rob had stayed in the Marriott before, and we decided that the revolving restaurant might be pretty nice for our last night.  Again, the food was delicious, and although it was filling, the steak we both had was fantastic.  We walked it off by talking a little wander to Radio City - I've seen it so many times from other people so it was lovely to finally be standing opposite it in person. 

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