Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Change it up, baby!

It occurred to me today that my blog profile is using a pretty old photo of me.  When I came to look for a new one, I realised I don't really have a good quality one of what I look like now.  But what I do have is a selection of my hair changes throughout recent times.  I think the only time I only didn't change it was in the run up to my wedding because I had decided if it was long and blonde I could do many things with it on the day.

Other than that, I get bored pretty easily, and on more than one occasion, I've walked into the hairdressers and asked them to chop it all off, change the colour or restyle it.  Their jaw usually drops like I've gone a bit bonkers, but I think they are getting used to me now.

So here's a few past pics...This one about 9 years ago...

Then I got bored of blonde and decided to be my natural mouse for a while...

Then back to blonde again... I really love this length, it looks good straight and isn't too hard to manage.

I kept growing it for my wedding, I love this photo as it looks so shiny and there were so many things I could do with it this long!

But then after the wedding, I was desperate for a change after being blonde for so long.  So I walked in and asked for the chop and to go fiery red!  I felt fierce for the first few days after getting this done!

Although the red looks amazing in the photo, in real life it washed out really really fast and I wasn't happy with it except when I'd just had it coloured.  So the hairdresser suggested a different brand which meant the colour was slightly darker.  I also saw a poster on the shop wall where the girl had quite short hair and a squared off fringe.  I thought it would be fun to try it with the red, so this is where I am today.  And the colour is so much better lasting and so shiny (although it doesn't look it here).  I'm still trying to decide if I like this fringe or not, since I'm not used to having one, I can't decide if my last style was better.  But I will say because it is so thick and long, it's easier to style than when I've had fringes before.  Also, it must make me look older since I've not had to prove my age to buy alcohol since the restyle!

But there are still some days where I feel like a change... so it's fun to have a couple of wigs in my wardrobe...

Even though this one is a bit of a mad photo, I quite like it, some of the others in this session looked very gaga-esque... and why not? It's brilliant fun to go a bit wacky once in a while!

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