Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cheery art for a grey day

A couple of years ago, I discovered a love for street art.

I'd been pulled into the world of music again and was very into Green Day at the time.  They had commissioned an art show to go along with their new album release, where several artists had been sent the lyrics but not the music for the new songs and each was to produce a piece of work.  I went to see the art show and I was blown away by many of the works that were being shown.  I bought the booklet with info about the artists and I've followed some of them ever since.

Today, I wanted to share one of my favourites, a French artist known as C215.  I am subscribed to his feed over on Facebook, and most days I see a beautiful picture of his work posted up, a lot of the more recent ones with really bright colours.  I have seen his work painted on the streets of London and I was lucky enough to go and see his show a year or so ago.

Please go and have a look at his photostream here, and I hope it brightens up your day!


  1. Beautiful photos..I love them too
    Have a lovely day xxx


    You might like this book then. A man came into the shop last week, he didn't know the title or the artist but thanks to Google we found the book! He thought it might have "concrete grafitti" in the title! I'm going to add your artist to my FB feed, it'll be better than seeing all the moaning posts I usually get LOL.

    1. Thanks Jo, that looks really interesting, as did the other one Amazon pulled out called Pavement Chalk Artist! :)


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