Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cottage 2 finish :)

Hello everyone :)
I'm pretty happy today as I've just put the final stitches into cottage 2 *cue happy dance*

Here's what it looks like...

There were quite a lot of French knots in there at the end.  Apparently they are supposed to be grapes.

Now I'm not sure which project to start next.  I wanted to start on one of the HAED ones, however, I've just realised that the frame I usually use to stitch on is a bit on the small side.  So I might have to see if I have enough threads to start one of the smaller HAEDs and order a larger stitching frame in the meantime to do both of the largeish projects in my stash.

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Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love it...a really wonderful picture to frame. Now I feel like stitching something:)

  2. wow it is looking so lovely xx

  3. This is lovely!! Congrats on the finish!!It's the perfect little cottage to look at and dream about :D

  4. Your finish is beautiful. I'd love to live in a cottage like that!


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