Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Superbowl and Snow

It's been a pretty busy week on the jobhunting front and so there has been little progress on the stitching.  I've finally got myself sorted, updated my CV properly and uploaded it in a few places - don't want to go too overboard though!  I also now have a nice spreadsheet to track everything I'm doing as well so that makes things easier.

I was hoping to pose an update on the HAED, but to be honest, it's teeny tiny and mostly black and navy so far, so it would seem a bit pointless.  Perhaps when I get a little further with it.  I've still done 2000 stitches though, which is progress, but it's 25 count so the area isn't even as big as an iphone yet!

At the weekend, we watched the superbowl! This was a new thing for me, I wasn't really very sure about any of the rules etc until about an hour before it started when a lovely friend sent me a link to read up on it all.  Phew, I'm glad I did or I'd have been completely lost.  Once I understood it, I really enjoyed watching the game.  It was pretty late for us here in the UK though, and with all the ad breaks and the halftime entertainment it just seemed to go on forever and ever! Thankfully, we were watching it on the BBC so we didn't have any ads at all, which was great.  I did enjoy it but by the end I was getting a little frustrated about how long it was dragged out for.

Over the weekend we had a lovely thick covering of snow and went to play in it with our friends' 1 year old baby, who seemed very confused by it all and preferred spinning the pegs on the washing line.  The grown ups used it as an excuse to make a snowman.  Thankfully it had melted by the time I needed to get anywhere in particular but I believe we are expecting more this weekend...it's nice when it comes at a weekend and you have nothing to do except relax!

So, that's the update from the land of ricketyjo.  I seem to have spent the last couple of days trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed and trying to keep warm!  I hope you are all well :)

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  1. Oh no, no ads?? Those are the best part of the Super Bowl! Some years that is all we watch! =) There is usually one or two per break that are good. I'm sure you can find them on YouTube, though. Look for the Volkswagen dog, the Doritos baby, and the Audi vampires. Those were the good ones I can remember. =)

    We were equally lost the first time we watched rugby. =)


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