Saturday, 21 April 2012

TUSAL April 2012

These months go by quite quickly when you're not paying attention.  And here we are, it's TUSAL time again.  You know the drill - if you want know what what the TUSAL is, there's a little graphic on the right hand side of the page that you can go and click.  It'll take you to Daffycat's Blog.

Progress this month has been almost nothing on Moonlit Waters, but I have been out and about travelling at weekends quite a bit visiting family, so I've been working on my travelling pattern.

So, here's my jar update, and my travelling pattern photograph.  It's coming on quite nicely, I'm pretty happy with the progress on it.


  1. loving the butterfly, on your other post my daughter and her friends went to see steps at sheffield too, while me and hubby went for food, and she said it was amazing, i have left you an award on my wordpress blog, www.weestitchy,com ( had to comment using my other blog as it wont let me comment if i try with my wordpress login for some reason)

    1. Thank you so much Beverly, sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you, I'm having a big old catchup this weekend. Hope yours is going well! Jo :)


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