Sunday, 27 May 2012

Happy weekend!

This has been a difficult week at work for me.  Deadlines are hovering and there have been some long days with barely time to grab lunch, which makes me stressed, tired and a bit grumpy.  I've been getting home, eating dinner and dropping asleep on the sofa at about 9pm.

Thankfully, this weekend has been really sunny and bright, and I was glad to get to Friday, and I sure will be happy to get to the long 4 day weekend at the end of next friday.  We were thinking about heading out of London, but I think there will be a lot of nice things happening for the Jubilee (certainly lots of flags are popping up all over!) , so it'll be good to stick around.  We might even get around to a bit of DIY...we are still trying to make our little flat more homely after about 4 and a half years.  The walls have prints and photos up now, so we are getting there.

I hope you're all having lovely weekends...stitchy updates soon.


  1. Maybe you'd better stay in Londen. I think it will be a huge celebration and righhtfully so:-) glad to hear you're making a home of the flat. I think that is the most important thing if you live somewhere, the rest doesn't really matter. Happy stitching.

    1. We are sticking around, it seems like the next few days are going to be fun, just hope the rain holds off! Have a great weekend :)


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