Friday, 15 June 2012


I feel like my feet are barely touching the ground at the moment.  It's probably about as opposite to this time last year as possible.  Then I was coming to the end of my full time permanent role and looking forward to my redundancy and some time off to relax and catch up on all the things I wanted to do.

Fast forward to now and I'm back into commuter travelling, my weekends for the next few months are packed to the brim of seeing people and doing things and to put a little cherry on top, halfway through the Jubilee weekend we decided that it would be the perfect time to paint the flat.  This was a ridiculous decision, we should have started at 8am on the Saturday morning, not 3pm on the Monday afternoon.  Whoopsie.  In the ongoing saga therefore, we've spent every evening after work doing a little bit more here and there.  Just 2 walls, a ceiling and a bathroom left to go.

But also a lot of fun things are happening.  At the start of the Jubilee weekend, I joined my photography group for a photoshoot near Bank station.  A fantastic day, but boy did I ache the next morning.  Here's my favourite:

So tomorrow, after a week of unacceptably late nights, I will have a lie in.  Hooray for my big, fluffy pillow.  And then I will catch up on the 534 blog posts that are in my backlog.  Yes, I will.  Honest, guv.