Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Since the Olympics is now over, so is my husband's stint working from home.  Today he has gone into the office.  And I have done:

1. Three loads of washing
2. Prepped his bathroom ready to be painted
3. Emptied the baskets on the balcony which were full of weeds (I mean, how does that happen?)
4. Emptied the rubbish
5. A quick supermarket shop
6. Baked a cake.

I have a great big feeling of achievement - The chores will be blitzed.  And also at the moment the flat is getting a complete overhaul.  My husband is implementing the 4 year rule.  If it hasn't been touched for 4 years, it's going in the bin, recycling, or charity shop.  So much stuff we have accumulated over the last 10ish years.  I don't know where it all came from.  But we are getting there.  It seems like every cupboard in the house is like Mary Poppins' bag though - so much STUFF.

I myself reject the 4 year rule, especially when it applies to things in my wardrobe.  I prefer the 'Do I think I might need it in the next 4 years?' rule.  Perhaps someone objective should come in and go through the wardrobe for me.  I mean, at what age is it unacceptable to wear miniskirts? Or does it depend on how good your legs look in them?

Stick with me about the Cruise posts - We haven't got to the photos yet and I can't possibly post without including some of the stunning pictures!


  1. wowwww looks like you had a busy day..
    yum yumm cake sound so yummyy..enjoy it.
    have a lovely week xxx

    1. Thanks Cucki, the cake was delicious!! We are still eating it as there are only two of us, but it seems to be lasting pretty well :)
      Hope you're having a fab week too! xxx

  2. Reject that 4 year rule! I have stuff that I'm wearing this summer that I haven't worn for 9 years (pre-kids life) as my life style is changing.
    Re mini-skirts, if your legs are good keep wearing them but the tights should get more opaque as you age LOL. I'm 40coughcoughsomething and I gave my really short skirts to a friend this year plus all my vest tops.
    I do however have a "nothing new if you already own one" rule at the moment. The only new things I have bought for 18 months now are trousers to replace ones which are worn out plus a jumper for work!

    1. Phew!!! I'm glad you said that! I don't feel anywhere near as bad now! I went through a phase of opaque tights last year, although all subtelty went out of the window (hot pink, bright red, electric blue...) I am starting to go for ever so slightly more grown up things now, I bought a couple of those smart jackets with the rolled up sleeves and pretty tops instead of vests... I'm sure I'll grow up someday, but the problem is I still look about 18!


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