Friday, 21 December 2012

It's coming...

Hooray, it's almost here!!!

The cards are up, the decorations are out, the lights are twinkling.

My stitching has been almost non-existent for the last few weeks as I've been shopping and wrapping and we've been away in Bristol for a couple of days where there was so so much rain that I ended up throwing away my boots as they got caked in mud and didn't seem to prevent my feet getting soaking wet.  It's a real shame about the weather, as it was all we could do to dash from shop to shop and coffee shop to coffee shop.

We are just having a bit of a tidy up now before Christmas arrives properly and I'm extremely glad that my hubby has now finished work and can relax - it's been 6 months since our holiday and I know he's feeling pretty burnt out.  Let's hope Xmas and New Year doesn't make us more frazzled!

So I just wanted to pop by before I snuggle up with my hubby for Xmas and wish you all a lovely time, I hope it's peaceful, relaxing and fun!  Thank you so much for reading my little blog, I've loved having all your comments.

Seeya next year!

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