Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Weekend in Filey

This weekend, the hubby and I decided to get away from it all for a long weekend out of London.  We headed up to the North Yorkshire Coast, to Filey.  As you'll see from the photos, we were so very lucky with the weather!

Sunrise at Filey

Growing up, Scarborough was always the seaside that I would visit with my parents, but in more recent years, we've visited Filey more.  The beaches are vast, perfect when the tide is out, with many dog walkers and families during the daytimes, but so quiet and peaceful late afternoon and into the evening. Filey itself has a small town, with many cafes and fish and chip restaurants, a few pubs and a mixture of small shops.

Cliffs near Filey Brigg in the afternoon sun

The thing that I noticed most of all was that through the weekend it felt like the days before the internet came and took over.  Families were outside splashing in the sea, walking in their wellies, eating ice creams (yes, in February!) or fish and chips on the beach, popping into the arcades to play on the 2p slots.  It was a really lovely and refreshing break.  We walked about 30 miles over the weekend and I can see my stomach muscles starting to return, so it was a very good and healthy break!

Panorama of cliffs, beach, sea and Filey Brigg

On Saturday we popped into Scarborough, just under 15 minutes by train.  This is much, much busier, especially on bright and sunny days, the arcades were full, town was busy and there were plenty of people walking round the North and South bay.  I was particularly impressed by the addition of a skate park where the old mini golf course used to be on the North Bay.  It was absolutely packed with kids on their bikes and skateboards with a gorgeous sea view... fantastic to give them somewhere to be at the weekends.

South Bay at Scarborough

Scarborough for me is still the seaside which has everything - walks, arcades, fish and chip shops, sea life centre, Peasholm Park, a little fun train, a high street... we even saw a few donkeys giving rides to the children.

Lighthouse and Fishing Boats, Scarborough

But if you are at all able to get to this bit of the UK coast, I highly recommend it for a lovely long weekend getaway.


  1. have a lovely day dear..big hugs x

  2. This is beautiful - looks like the perfect weekend!!! And, I love ice cream MOST in the winter! Happy Wednesday - Tanya


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