Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Flashback... Uluru / Ayers Rock

All photos copyright Robert May

First posted 15th March 2011

We packed up and left Perth early, heading to the next stop of our trip, the Ayers Rock Resort.  We landed shortly after lunch, blimey they don’t half feed you a lot on these Qantas flights – we were quite happy with just a bag of pretzels and then they brought out trays of lunch. My waistline is growing by the day.  We didn't have this stop on our itinerary until a few days before we booked the flights and thought it would be a bit different to all the city stops we were doing so we added it in.

A quick transfer to the hotel and we were all checked into our Rock-view room, looking out onto Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park.  What strikes you immediately is the amazing red colour of the ground all around you and the contrast of the green vegetation.  I had never seen anything like it, it was beautiful.  

We couldn't quite stretch to the 5 star hotel, and so we opted instead for the Desert Gardens Hotel, which was a short walk away and had a better view.  Rob made us a lovely cup of tea… with some little chocolates, to celebrate our arrival.

Lovely cup of tea.  Just realised one cup is bigger.
That must have been mine.

Unfortunately, the weather had been bad the day before, and so the Dinner Under The Stars wasn’t able to go ahead – instead we booked a table at the nicest restaurant in the resort and ate up some delicious Wagyu Beef, accompanied by a tasty bottle of Red wine. 

Posh beef in the posh restaurant.

The rest of the evening was spent listening to the torrential rain – I did start to wonder if it had been worth booking the Rock View room as it completely vanished from sight, and we had to navigate so many pools of water in the dark on the way back to our room!!!  We were told that it hardly ever rains, and so it would be just our luck of course!

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