Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Caversham Wildlife Park

All photos copyright Robert May

First posted 12th March 2011

We were going a little way out of town today and so managed to get up early. We caught a train to Bassendean, changed onto a bus at Whiteman park and then got the cutest little old courtesy bus into the main part of the park and to Caversham Wildlife Park.

Barking Owl
(one of my favourite ever owl photos)

Once inside we pottered around for what felt like ages, Rob snapping away on the camera. We both find the animals and birds very entertaining, particularly funny was the Barking Owl (we think the Barking might be Barking Mad). Too many other animals to mention them all, but we made a special point of stroking the kangaroos and the koala, lovely and soft they were too.  

Ignore the knobbly knees
(mine, not his)

Afterwards, we walked over to the main bit of the park and had a wander around. The park was brilliant in that it had lots of covered picnic areas where large family/friends groups were meeting up, great idea - I'd love to see this kind of thing in the parks in London - easier to take shelter from the usual rain or occasional sunshine!  It didn’t take us the whole day to get round which we were quite grateful for, so we headed back into Perth and stopped for a much needed afternoon coffee and berry cheesecake.

It's a very relaxed way of life...
being stroked endlessly while sunbathing

After a swift change back at the hotel, we headed out into restauranty area Northbridge again, as Rob had got his heart set on Mexican food. Zapatas was good with the portion sizes and incredibly tasty and we both enjoyed it very much, especially washed down with some cocktails.

We fancied coffee on the way back, but strangely the bar we ended up in only had alcohol (what a shame!) Some drunken Aussies got into a conversation with us before handing Rob a honeymoon pint to drink… oh dear. Then they got thrown out for their clothing choice, so it was just like being in the UK, hahahaha!

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