Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Flashback... Ayers Rock Resort

All photos copyright Robert May.

Written 16th March 2011

Today we had a nice free day, so we had some time to just relax from all the rushing around.  We didn’t really see much of the resort in daylight yesterday, so after a much needed lie in, we went for a wander.  One of the few things we noticed was people wearing nets over their heads.  We laughed at them to start with, but then we realised that the fat little flies were really very irritating, probably the main downside of this part of the trip.  Everything would be fine and then one would come a buzz really loudly in your ear.  If you're planning to do a trip here, I'd be taking something to cover my head, because they were a real annoyance in the outside spaces (not a problem at all indoors).

The view from our Rock View room
(with a little bit of zoom)

We found the pool in our hotel, which was nice, but we decided to have a peek at the one in the 5 star hotel too, which was better.  Apart from that, there is a wide range of opportunity for shopping here – clothing, crafts, hairdressers, post office and a remarkably well stocked newsagent and supermarket, we were really pleasantly surprised given that we thought being somewhere like this would mean there really wasn't much to do.

The nice pool

We had a quick sandwich in the deli, and then Rob went for a long swim in the fancy pool while I read my book in the comfort of the air conditioned bar while enjoying a pot of tea.  Afterwards, Rob did some MORE shopping and bought me back a present (for organising such a wonderful honeymoon) … a lovely purple necklace.

A bit later after more reading in the room and a quick change, we had an early meal in Geckos Cafe and a couple of drinks in our hotel bar.  Now it’s time for an early night as we are off on the 4WD sunrise tour tomorrow morning and it’s a 5.30am pickup! Night Night!!

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