Thursday, 11 April 2013

Flashback... Melbourne Arrival

All photos copyright Robert May

Written 19th March 2011

The 18th was a travel day for us, we started early in Ayers Rock, after a short 25 minute flight to Alice Springs (cute airport, smelled of waterfalls), we transferred to the Melbourne flight and then caught a cab to the Radisson hotel, where we are in a lovely 9th floor room.  We were both saying how much we love this chain as they seem to have thought of everything (Rob marvels at the fact they provide an iPod docking station and an adapter, whilst I hunt for the dressing gown!!).  There was a knock at the door as they brought our luggage and then also handed us a lovely bottle of fizz and some delicious strawberries with a sweet card to say they hoped we enjoyed our honeymoon stay.

The Radisson Hotel room

Honeymoon goodies from the hotel

The man who checked us in also gave us a map and some quick pointers on where to go for food, so we found the lively chilled out bit not too far from the hotel and had some delicious food, while in the background some dude played the drums to backing tracks of well known songs.

The 19th we spent pottering around central Melbourne, mainly looking at the bars and deciding they were too busy. We stopped for a lovely brekkie in Spiga and then did some shopping. Rob seems to be doing much better than I so far, as my most exciting purchase was some shampoo from a brand I’ve heard of.

Cool photo from inside one of the shopping centres

We were both a bit bored of Italian food and in the mood for a change, so as we got a whiff of Indian food, we decided it would be nice for a bit of something different. Also, the name 'Shi Raaz' just made me giggle. It turned out to be very tasty indeed, a good choice. Sadly, the planned night out on the town was scuppered by me twisting my ankle and not really feeling up to it, so that might have to happen later in our trip instead.  We opted for coffees instead and an early night. I know, pathetic, aren’t we?

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