Friday, 19 April 2013

Flashback... Penguin Parade

All photos copyright Robert May

Written 22nd March 2011

Today was our Penguin Parade trip over on Phillip Island, funnily enough with the same bus and guide as for the Great Ocean Road day trip, so we sort of knew what we were letting ourselves in for this time.

The first stop on this one, because it was a later pickup, was for lunch. I was very excited to see that Koo Wee Rah had a craft shop, and disappointed to find that it was only for quilting.  Still, we munched down some food and got on our merry way to the next stop which was a vineyard, for a little wine tasting. At Bass River winery, we tried 6 wines, Rob liked the Chardonnay and I preferred the Cherry wine.  We also got some nibbles of cheese, the Cheddar was very tasty indeed.

The next stop was at Panny’s chocolate factory.  Lots of silly things here, including a chocolate waterfall, and lots of freebies, and you could try to write your name in chocolate.

Chocolate Waterfall
Then came a beach stop and a Koala stop for some more photos and a ridiculous song that the tour guide played, a quick stop by the Moto GP circuit on Phillip Island, and Pyramid Rock for some more scenic photos.  

sun rays over the water

Following this, a stop at Nobbies centre on the island for further scenery, and finally we got to the Penguin Parade about an hour before dusk to meet our ranger who gave us headphones, binoculars and a little talk before we had front row seats on the sand to see the penguins. Rather than waddling into the sea, they were waddling up out of the sea and into their burrows.  Very cute they were, but sadly we weren’t allowed to take any photos.  Here's the website so you can go and have a look though :)

Scenic views from Nobbies Centre

All in all, another wonderful day with loads packed in.  I think this and the Great Ocean Road trip were two of my favourite days through the whole holiday because it felt like we had seen so much.

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