Friday, 26 April 2013

Flashback... Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

All photos Copyright Robert May

Written 23rd March 2011

After a late night at the penguins, we planned a leisurely Wednesday.  This involved a lie in, a bit of pampering for me in the morning with all my lotions and potions and then jumping on a tram through town towards Federation Square, where we could get off and grab a picnic lunch which we could eat in the Botanic Gardens.  We were lucky, it was a gorgeous day outside.

A perfect spot for lunch

Lunch spot from the outside

Strange spiky balls - we were fascinated!
The gardens themselves were really beautiful, so many colours and full of dragonflies and butterflies, but thankfully no wasps!! The pictures Rob took were probably better than any description I can give, so I’ll let those show you how wonderful they were.

Pretty flowers

Beautiful colours

In the evening, we decided to head into town and to the Gin Palace, where I sampled an Australian Gin, a bit more fruity than our English ones, and also an Icelandic Gin, which was 53% and almost blew my head off.  Rob stuck to the cocktails which arrived in suitably girly martini glasses.  We had some yummy cheese plate and chorizo to soak up the alcohol, which was tasty and fantastic.


  1. The Botanic gardens are very beautiful, aren't they? Sounds like a perfect picnic.


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