Friday, 12 April 2013

Flashback...Walk to St. Kilda

All Photos Copyright Robert May.

Written 20th March 2011

Having become a teeny bit more familiar with our local area, we decided to venture on a walk to the beach at St Kilda. We walked for just over an hour until we got to the waterfront, where we were gasping for a sit down and some water, and more brekkie – we got in just before the lunchtime cut off.
After this, we strolled along the beachfront, where there were tons of volleyball games going on, people on rollerblades and bikes, altogether far too much sport happening for 27 degree baking heat.  We had to stop again a bit further down, where we shunned the noisy bar full of local squawking women and opted for the novotel bar – air-conditioned and quiet. Blissful.

Volleyball on the beach

A gorgeous day

A short walk round the local shops at St Kilda and back past some of the Market stalls before we decided to make our way back to town, via the park. However, it just so happens that next weekend is the Melbourne F1 race, and the park was being set up ready for it. We spent a while walking on the racetrack watching them painting all the sponsors logos onto the walls, and imagining what the noise would be like on a race day.  Really exciting, just a shame we aren’t here for the actual race!!

Walking along the F1 racetrack

Pretty scary view when you imagine cars screaming past
 - from one of the holes in the fencing
We were pretty tired and got a mega long day ahead tomorrow, so we opted for a snacky tea in the Blue Train Cafe (thanks Tracey for the suggestion, it was a good one!) and a slow walk back to the hotel.

Now time to crash out. 7am pickup tomorrow!

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