Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Big Reunion Live Tour @Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

I'd booked the tickets a couple of months ago when The Big Reunion was showing on TV and then put it to the back of my mind, but on 3rd May, my sister and I set off all excited to see 5ive, B*witched, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, 911 and Honeyz.

And what a show it was.

One of the things I love about the Sheffield crowd is that although it is not the biggest of arenas, it always gives the warmest welcome.  People always arrive early, they are in their seats early because they don't want to miss a second and as soon as the house lights went down, the whole place was on their feet with the excitement and anticipation.

After some of the promo materials and clips from the show on the big screens, 5ive started everything off with their energetic routines and although there was no Jay, we didn't really miss him (except for maybe a little bit during Keep on Movin' later on), and the foursome absolutely smashed it.  Following them, B*Witched, 911, Honeyz, Atomic Kitten and Liberty X all took to the stage with 2-3 songs each.  

One of the things I felt was that although the routines were probably more of a struggle since everyone is older now, they pulled them off like they were still 20, it was pretty amazing to watch.  Everyone sang live and it sounded fantastic, but I didn't really feel as though I was re-living my youth so much - it felt like the songs had just been released right now and it was the first time - actually, I think the only one of these bands I'd ever seen live as a teenager was Atomic Kitten and honestly, they were 100 times better now than the experience I'd had of them back then.  

After a short break, the bands all came back out one at a time for 3 more songs each, probably some of the better known songs this time around, and the audience were all warmed up too and singing along.  One of the highlights for me was 911's Bodyshaking (although after watching the clips from Big Reunion everytime I see Spike doing the dance, all I can think of is a rabid little monkey... thanks 5ive for that image).  But I do love the song, it was so good to hear that intro and see it all come to life again.

I don't think I'd ever been into B*Witched or Honeyz particularly, although my sister was, but the beauty of having 6 acts in the show was that although I wouldn't have chosen to go and see just them, I saw that B*witched were a ton of fun and they actually looked like they were having a blast and that the Honeyz had wonderful voices and worked really well as this particular lineup.  Whilst my sister wasn't really a fan of Liberty X, I really enjoyed their set, and I was in awe at how hot they all looked in their skimpy little leotards and the rubber catsuits... meow!

Finishing off the show was of course the Kittens with 'Whole Again' - throughout the night, the loudest cheers had been whenever Kerry Katona sang, it's so good to see someone who has been through such a lot come out the other side and almost back to where she started and you could see the tears in her eyes as though she was finding it hard to believe and wonderful all at once.  It was nice that the whole audience sang the chorus back to the Kittens and at the end as all the bands came back on stage together, the noise and screaming was so loud that it was a pleasure just to watch everyone soaking it all up as this is what they had all been working so hard for for the last few months.

Overall, such a cracking show, 6 bands with 5-6 songs each worked really well. A little more maturity and support from the other bands has done wonders and hopefully they have learnt from their problems the first time around!  The production aspects with all the clips from the show was also really great on the big screens and it has been a stonkingly well made, well produced program from start to finish.  I hope that the bands pick back up and make new music, I know that some of them are already making songs/albums/booking tours and that makes me pretty happy because listening to the charts today, I'd very much like if some of the fun of the 90s came back.

If you haven't bought a ticket yet, and you have enjoyed the program - the tour is still on now, and there are some extra shows in December...get on it!

Now then... please Big Reunion, can we have a series 2?

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