Wednesday, 26 June 2013

TV Shows

Is it just me, or is TV drama getting more gruesome and rude?

I've happily watched series like Bones and NCIS for a few years now.  They mix drama and humour well. Recently though, I've been watching some of the new things that have appeared on Sky.

Da Vinci's Demon's I rather enjoyed.  Man, there was a lot of nudity in it though.  When the episode would start, hubby and I would have a bet as to how many minutes in it would take for someone to get their kit off.  As a drama though, it was pretty enjoyable and the story and setting were really interesting.

But now there are other series like Defiance and Revolution which I just could not get on with at all.  I didn't like any of the characters enough to stick with either series and I just found the stories boring.  I've persevered a bit longer with Hannibal, but I'm struggling with the graphicness of some of it, and Banshee has a big mix of nudity and violence, but has a storyline going on that is keeping me interested for the moment.  The overwhelming feeling I have though is that these series are all hard work to watch.  I need something that's dramatic but a bit lighter - something that I can actually watch when I'm eating my dinner without wanting to barf!

What are you guys all watching at the moment?

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  1. Now Game of Thrones is over we are at a loss too! I agree about Defiance and Revolution, that one particularly annoyed me. Go to all the trouble to rescue Danny then get him killed straight away!

    We're watching reruns of Dr Who most nights. Or Sky Arts if they have a good documentary or concert on. Otherwise it's good old Kerrang for music.


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