Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tigger's Log Finish!!

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts, we have been away on a family holiday to Northumberland, but more about that another time.  I'm very behind on everyone's blogs, so I dread to even look at how many posts I have to read, but I will get to them this week :)

Before I got back home, I managed to get a finish on Tigger's Log, hooray!

And here it is, the design is about A4 size:

Tigger's Log
Stitched on 14 Count Cream Aida
Very glad to have it finished, and thankfully my new frame has arrived from Needleneeds, as the old one had well and truly had it, so I'm straight back onto the Moonlit Waters (yes, still on page 4... )


  1. great finish, love the colours, what you going to do with it now.

  2. Hey☺️ Nice blog you have☺️
    I'm from Norway so sorry if I spell anything wrong ��.
    I do notice that this post is posted in 2013 and I'm actually working on the same at this moment. And your result are amazing ��
    But I was hopong and crossing my fingers if you still have the pattern to look at cuz mine is starting to get broken after folding the paper all the time. I'm halfway through now and I cant continue cuz I cant see where to put my next stitch�� I feel like a big fool right now that i did not copy the piece to have another one on the side �� So thats why I'm asking you if you have it still laying around somewhere ��
    From your cross-stiching friend from Norway Helen ☺️

    1. Hello Helen! Thanks for your message!
      I can't see an email address to contact you so I hope you see this... I do still have the pattern and some spare thread that came with the kit. You are welcome to have it :) My pattern is a bit faded in the creases but I think still readable for the moment. Please let me know where to send it!


I love reading all your comments, they give me lots of motivation to keep posting. Thank you for reading my little blog :)