Saturday, 5 October 2013

A stitchy question

A bit of a question today for those of you who stitch on Linen or high count evenweave.  How on earth do you see what you are doing?

I've started a piece on 28 count which is the highest I've used so far.  Sadly the fabric was just too small to stitch over 2, so I'm doing it over 1, and I'm doing ok, but it's very slow going.  The magnifier helps a little bit but it also irritates me.

Those of you who stitch on the high count fabric, do you use a frame with a magnifier or do you have magnifying glasses or do you just have exceptionally good eyesight?  Do you stitch only in daylight or in the evenings with a lamp?



  1. Hi Jo,
    Ha! My eyes are not very good at all! I use reading glasses AND a magnifying lamp!
    Even then I have trouble with certain types of linen. I will say though, that you do get used to it. You learn to "drag" the needle a bit to find the holes.

  2. I use a lamp. I got a "mother and baby" from B&Q a few years ago and would be lost without it. I don't think B&Q call them a mother and baby lamp though!

  3. Hi :-) thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment xxx Oooh think I've only gone to 28 ct on evenweave/linen I did try I think it was a 22ct aida and it was a flipping nightmare to sew - I find sticking to the bigger aida better and once I got used to stitching over 2 on evenweave I prefer it . xx

  4. My favourite count is 32 ct and I can see it well as I have good vision. I struggle to see and don't enjoy higher counts unless I have a good light source or daytime.

  5. I always stitch on high count, I love the finer finishes. Some years ago I purchased a pair of magnifying glass x 3.5, they work perfect, I find any other magnifying things move about and blur my vision. I have twice had my eyes tested and for me no problems. I now purchase mine from the pound shop, they are plastic frames, bit the colours are fun, at the mo I am wearing bright green. Plus a good lamp.

  6. I stitch over one on 28 count a lot. I love it because it's so economical for fabric and thread! I have exceptionally bad eyesight and wear vari focals with a strength of minus seven for distance. So I just hold the fabric really close to my face when I stitch and look over the top of my glasses. I have the pattern on my lap so when I look down I'm looking through my glasses. When I say close I mean about four inches.

  7. Stitching over one on 28ct is pretty admirable to me! I use magnifying glasses over my normal glasses to stitch, and always have a strong light to stitch by as well. Can't do it otherwise.


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