Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Stash

Hello everyone

As promised, here's a little update with the new stash that I bought at the Creative Stitches show a couple of weeks back.  I'm pleased with myself that I didn't go too mad (frankly, I've got more than enough stuff as it is), but I did manage to pick up these few things:

Random offcuts of fabric - A pack of greys and blacks in a good variety of counts, and a pack of neutrals and browns, again some tiny but mostly large varied count pieces.  At £4 each, I grabbed them!

A selection of cards from The Nutmeg Company.  I can't describe how much I love these cards.  Whichever show I go to, I always seek them out and make sure I pick up something from them because they are so different and people always love the cards I have made from this range.

Something a bit different for me - these are cards made with different pieces of fabric, and stitched like quilted pieces.  I spotted them as something which was a bit more unusual and thought I'd pick up a couple of simple looking ones and give it a try.  They also had a wide range of books on the subject for people who wanted to take things further.  I've not seen this sort of thing at shows before but I thought it looked beautifully effective.  There's not huge amounts of info in the kits, but these were designed by Sally Holman, Priory Farm.

And that was it really! I did also do a workshop with the Royal School of Needlework, but that piece isn't yet finished so I will save it for another time.



  1. Enjoy your purchases they look great - the kits from the Nutmeg company are so sweet - love the once upon a time xx

  2. Love all your new stash Jo.


  3. Beautifull New smash. Enjoy it
    Lovely cards!!
    Happy Easter weekend!!

  4. This kind of fabric packs is always very inspiring for me. When I see them I start thinking about what designs I could use them for. Have fun with your new fabric stash as well as with your greeting card kits which look very special.


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