Friday, 15 August 2014

A Stitchy Question

Hello all,

I wanted to ask you a question.  I have so so so many cross stitch magazines from the times when I used to have a subscription as a present.  However, in each one there might only be one or two things I'd like to stitch, and most that I'm not sure I'll ever get round to!  I wondered if you guys keep the whole magazine or if you rip out only the designs that you like and recycle the rest?

If you tear out the designs, how do you store them? by category or some other way?

I really don't want to start ripping them up, but there's a nagging voice telling me how much space I'd make if I did this.  Also, being able to go through and see the designs only might encourage me to stitch on them I I wondered what the rest of you stitchy folk do?



  1. I like yo save the whole magazine, but if there is just one design I scan it and save it on my computer, this allows me to pass the whole magazine on, I only print it when I stitch it, if my taste changes I have not wasted paper and ink. I hope this helps. Hope you are comfortable in your final few weeks.

  2. Great question..
    I also wanted to know what other stitchers think about it..
    Hugs x

  3. Oh that is a great question! I like the idea that Marlene Jones had about scanning on the computer and then passing the intact magazine along. I have a bunch of magazines that I really should do this with. =)

  4. I like the whole magazine even if I will only stitch one. I suppose you could store them in ringbinders with plastic pockets.

  5. I have magazines from 30 years back that I've saved and been glad I did. Sometimes my taste changed, or I needed something as a gift for someone else.
    I store mine in boxes that paper comes in....perfect size and heavy duty.

  6. You're good, only keeping the article. Silly me, I usually just keep the entire magazine, and then run across it, years later! Happy Sunday - XOXO

  7. BTW - countdown to the new arrival. Hope you are continuing to feel well - get some sleep now! XOXO

  8. I live in a pretty small space so not a lot of room for saving everything. I do tear out my favorites and throw out the rest. Very occasionally, I wish I still had something I remember from the past, especially as my tastes change, but that's life. I think we stitchers are all packrats at heart and it kills us to throw out anything.

  9. I'm usually not a packrat but when it comes to stitching magazines I have to admit that I am. I keep the whole magazine because I love leafing through them from time to time, just for fun. The negative side is that they take up some space on my shelves. BUt as I rarely buy new magazines it's OK like that.

  10. I keep the hole thing. There are so many times I hear of people's tastes changing and then they wish they hadn't gotten rid of a pattern in a magazine.
    The other other thing, is with JCS they now do a DVD with magazines. So if you are short on space, you could give away the older ones that are on a DVD and then just print out the pattern when you want it :)


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