Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Turtle Trot Update 9


Thanks so much for all the comments on our little girl.  It's really hard work and we've all got colds at the moment, but we are getting used to each other now and the sleepless nights haven't been tooooo bad!

Since we have backup from my parents today, I've got 5 minutes to do my SAL update... yay! (it may be the last one this year though... stitching time has been non-existent since baby arrived!)

So here's the one I'd been working on during the middle of August.  Not got very far with it, but done a little bit since I fancied a change of project.  Here is the start of Bluebell Lane, a Derwentwater Design:

Hope you are all well!
Until next time!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

She's Here!

I know, it's Turtle Trot time, and there will be an update on that coming soon.  But first...

Our little girl arrived a couple of weeks ago, weighing 6lb 7oz (it felt like a LOT more, and the birth part was horrendous).  We are calling her Scarlett.  Here are a couple of the first pictures of her.  She eats non stop and so she's a bit plumper now than in these photos.  Although she looks quite big, she's tiny... the little people who have visited so far were asking if she was a doll!

Parenthood is pretty challenging... we are both shattered!  But she has a wide range of farmyard noises that are keeping us laughing through it all.  We adore her.