Monday, 30 November 2015

Hello there

Wow, it's been SUCH a long time since I last posted!

I wish I could say I've picked up the crafting, got back into it etc etc... the truth is I've done a little but now the nights are dark early, it's pretty difficult once I've done the bedtime routine and the grown ups have had tea... I'm just ready to watch an episode of something interesting on TV (and there is so much good stuff that I enjoy on at the moment...) and then crawl into bed!

However, I have managed to get back into the gym a little, which has helped me feel a lot more like my old self, and we've been out and about doing heaps of toddler groups during the day which is great as Scarlett is really enjoying it now that she's just starting to toddle about with a walker... hooray for giving my back a break!  So at least the crafts are giving way to things that make me feel good and keep her happy!   She is at the moment obsessed with Ducks, and enjoying playing with her Duplo...very dextrous she is too for her age I think, but I'm probably biased.

I'm determined to get back into crafty things as I bought some rubber stamps from one of my local shops last week... they had some cards made up in the window and I just could not resist... I've struggled to get on with rubber stamps in the past but I'm determined this time.

Other than that, just trying to get sorted for Xmas... we are getting there but as usual, November seems far too early and before I know it we are almost at December and I'm nowhere near ready.

Right, I'm off to catch up on all your lovely blog posts!
Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A little update

Wow - I've just seen how long it is since I last posted... where did the first half of the year go?  Must be time for an update!

All is well here.  I decided that I needed to make more space, so I went about ripping up all my old stitching mags and file the patterns that I thought I might ever stitch...there are way way too many still, but they are all in one folder that I can now flick through - It makes it so much easier to see what I have, and I'm really glad I did it.  It took an age though, especially those magazines where I had to chop the edges off the pages!

I've also got my stitchy bug back a bit - hooray!  Last weekend I was fired up to pick up my large project that must have been sitting untouched for over a year.  I didn't do heaps, but it was great to just sit and work on it - I'm hoping that I'll find time each week to do a bit of one of my projects, especially now that the summer is here and the evenings are lighter.

The baby is no longer a baby but not quite a toddler yet either and she doesn't really seem to be enjoying crawling since she only goes backwards which makes her quite annoyed.  She doesn't like other people at all (attachment issues) and has a real little temper on her when she doesn't get her own way as well...obviously she doesn't get that from me (*ahem*).  She has 2 teeth now and is teething really badly at the moment... she's taken to biting me when I try to get her out of the high chair (little madam!), but I think I've just about managed to make a game out of it now.

Anyway, that's about all the news I have... we continue to walk a lot and sleep a lot but thankfully we have a lovely little routine going now.

I hope you are all ok - I've seen some beautiful stitchy updates and I hope to have some photos of my stitching for you next time.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year

Hello hello :)

Just popping in quickly while the baby is sleeping to wish you all a happy new year! I hope that you have a great 2015.  Here's a Xmas photo of the little one:

We are doing well here, although Scarlett thinks she's 6 months old already, she's growing so big and fast and is already outgrowing most of her 3-6 month clothes.  I can barely remember who that tiny little person was who we first brought home and who didn't fill up half her cot... now we are getting ready to extend it!

Anyway, I hope to check in a bit more regularly as she is now sleeping a few hours at a time in the evening.  Bye for now!