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I figure that at least a few people come and look at my blog mainly to see what stitching I'm doing, so here is a list of all the stitching projects I have in my stitching box.  There are a lot of them!

I'm hoping that this page will spur me on to get things completed so I can start on the next one!

This one has been in my collection for years and years.  I took it on my honeymoon and tried to start it, but there is a lot of colour mixing, so I put it down again until I could start it on a proper frame.

A new purchase at the stitching show this year.  I thought these three little designs were cute and would be easy to stitch as 'on the move' projects.

I was looking for something to challenge me outside of Cross stitch, and I saw this lovely embroidery design.  The silver birch trees reminded me of the tree that grew outside our house when I was growing up.  It looked really beautiful at the show to see the one that was stitched up.  I just hope I can do it as much justice.

I bought this on a family holiday, and then didn't get time to start on it in the end.  You always think there will be plenty of time for relaxing, but then often I was a bit too tired to start on it after a day of wandering about.

I bought this at this years stitching show because I thought that it was simple but really elegant.  The material is printed with a background design.  I think that there is also a little gold thread in here, which is always quite challenging for me because of the way it unravels as you stitch, but it should look great when completed and the colours are neutral enough that we should be able to find a place for it.

This design I bought because I thought it was a bit different to make a little book instead of things made for a wall.  It will be a real challenge for me because firstly it is on linen, which I have never worked with.  Secondly, there are all kinds of counted stitches as a part of this, so it will take a lot of concentration and hard work so that I don't make mistakes.

Another area I was keen to try was blackwork.  I'm not really a huge fan of backstitching when I've completed projects, but I admit that it does bring the pictures to life.  So I thought that blackwork would be similar to doing lots and lots of backstitch.  However, I did do a small blackwork project that I actually really enjoyed, so I thought that this house was really cute and that I would try and push myself to complete it.

I bought this because I thought it was so much fun.  Being a northerner, I love my tea, and I thought this was just so beautiful and colourful that I really wanted to stitch it.  There is a full series of designs with this cute little dragon on, but I thought this was the most appropriate to start with.  All the colours would look great in a kids room I think!

Once I started on the HAED patterns I just couldn't stop.  Love the colours in this.  It's just a chart for now, so when I'm ready I'll get it kitted up.

Again, just a chart, but I thought that this fairy was cute.  It's a QS (Quick Stitch), so I might try this one before I get started on any of the other HAED to see how I get on with it.

Something cute and quirky about this one.  I'm very particular about the faces on designs, I won't buy it unless she has a nice face and this one did.  I also love the colours and the butterfly.

The next two I have been saving for years and never got around to kitting them up or starting them.  I still plan to do them at some point.  I also have Rocky Mountain Christmas chart in my collection somewhere to start, which would also be a big challenge for me as it looks quite a fiddly design.

A few years ago I went to my first stitching show and I loved the selection available from The Nutmeg Company.  I bought a few of their stitched card designs and my family were amazed by them (in fact my mum says its so beautiful that she puts hers up every year).  To be honest, I'm not sure where I found time to stitch them all! This little box was something I bought at the same time.

More HAED, but this time a couple which are already kitted up with the threads and the fabric.  And man, there is a lot of both!  I love the design of the first one, silhouettes are so pretty.  The second, they had completed at the stitching show and my jaw just dropped when I saw it and I had to buy it immediately.  So detailed and amazing.  I have no idea how long these will take me to do, but I'd put them into the lifetime challenges category!

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  1. helloo .... oooo I have started afternoon tea ... not got very far with it and just love the flower sampler book think I have got the charts in the I stitch wee books ... if you need any help just squeak loudly :) thanks for visiting my blog too and hope you enjoyed your cuppa :) love mouse xxxxx


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